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Artists! I will always honor Pele Bauch at The Field for getting me started years ago. I suffered from working hard not doing my Arts. She offered me the lottery prize of free use of their IPARC center for  arts management years ago!! When I started going to Arts Service Organization events, I realized not everyone knew about the services out there. In short I didn’t see any diversity of demographic or geography. That was several years ago. Now of course there’s

Harlem Arts Alliance at Mist 116 St

HAA Audience shot2

Asian American Arts Alliance and National Disabilities and Arts Center,  Reel Abilities Film Festival It has since changed, but the work of spreading the wealth is not at all done!

I learned to focus my arts business goals by creating a personal mission statement and learning about nonprofit and business knowledge to boost my influence and power as an artist.

A great way to focus your brand as an actor, performing artist, is to write a grant for a project you’d love to complete.

There is nothing  like being moved to tears reading the proposal you have written for your new media event, performance, tour or social outreach endeavor. In fact, you know you have done enough rewrites of your arts grant when you are deeply moved by what you have written. A great way to get your importance on the planet!

Artist Service Organizations


Foundation Center has a Common Grant Application which can be written for several organizations at one time. This could be a good first application to write to get each piece of information written. Then you can use that information as a base to write other grants. Also, sign up for their automatic grant RFP (Requests For Proposals) to get arts grants announcement emails and see their site to get video training in arts management and the grant application process or go to their free onsite seminars.

Another good prototype to use is the grant application offered by NYFA fellowships each year. It is more involved, yet the specificity of its guidelines could prepare you well for other grants; especially in the area of work samples and project descriptions. When you complete your grant it will be amazing how the universe will immediately start lining things up for the completion of your goal, whether you get the grant or not.  You may also consider getting access to non-profit status by getting a fiscal sponsorship from The Field or Fractured Atlas. If you like flexing you entrepreneurial spirit, you can get the use of a non-profit number at a non profit you support for in-kind(gifts of things and services) and smaller donations to start.

Upcoming Grants PND RFPS for the Arts

The Field is marvelous at helping you to begin the process of navigating grants, venues, your flyers and who is giving and how to apply. The Field through its Fieldwork program can give you powerful writing, acting, composing, choreography and film production milestones for getting your project written and completed.               Author  Marie Ponce


Artists Mission Propels Action

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Mission propels action and defines what you do, and what you don’t want or need to do. Crafting a mission statement will help you define who your audience is, and who your audience is not. A powerful, compelling mission helps focus and hone your actions. it creates your recognizable and easily understood brand, not only for your work, but for your audience and your team.

A short mission statement and regular disciplined practices push you forward when fear gets in the way. It shapes your plan of action and helps you swing out passed your comfort zone.

  • What is most important to you?
  • What activities can you do for hours and not notice time was passed?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What activities stoke your creativity and contributions to others?
  • When it comes to your career or company, what is your ‘must do”! and “must be’” statements.  It can be as simple as ‘I must be paid for my creative art’.

 Mission Statement

How does your audience see you? Your subscribers, ticket buyers, students, fans, family, press, peers and those you consider as the ones you were born to influence… How do they evaluate if your work is captivating, uplifting and/or important to their lives.

General Findings from 50 Example Mission Statements from TopNonprofits


Get Out Some Paper…

What questions do you regularly ask yourself?

Do some on them start with “Why does this always…? How come I never…or When will I ever…? Why can’t I ..”

Have you ever written those questions down?

Have you ever considered that those repeated thoughts are causing your mind to look for the answers in the realities of your life? Ever consider that replacing negative questions with positive questions could majorly shift your circumstances?

What positive questions could you use to replace the negative questions you ask? Why not resolve to speak your new questions before bedtime or when you start your day, to begin a new habit of honoring who you are.